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Custom Workshop


The Custom Dream Big Workshop is a minimum 1/2 day and can span into three days depending on the goals and outcomes, as well as, the data provided before the workshop. This workshop is for leaders from B and I, Corporate Development and Higher Education to create a plan for innovative human experiences and digital integration while maximizing and blending real estate uses.


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What outcomes can I expect from the workshop?

The outcomes of the workshops will provide the roadmap and ground work for human centered experiences, while at the same time maximizing all day parts [maximizing real estate].  Dynamik’s team, as well as, the guest facilitators will guide attendees thru the process of blending experiences in all front of house areas such as Higher Education Student Unions and Auxiliary Spaces, B&I Common and Dining

Spaces, and  Senior Living Dining and Social Areas. The goal is to maximize space utilization, as well as  play, work, learn, shop, eat, and rest experiences.

Attendees will be provided tools and mapping to identify, observe, and analyze low utilization and experience areas on campus prior to planning any new projects that will incur more cost and little to no benefits


Custom focused 1-day Workshops in Seattle start at $15,000 for up to 8 attendees.  Workshops can occur at your campus or facility for an additional daily rate plus travel fees. Contact us to set-up a 1/2 hour conference chat for Dynamik to determine your Dream Big needs and schedule a date/time that works for your team.


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